Products and Services - Polex PP and PS films

Company Pollex is producing PP film which is used for manufacturing of packaging and single-use dishes with use of Vacuum Forming Machine. This film is also used for packaging dairy and food products with use of automated packaging lines.

From 0.3 mm up to 2 mm in rolls
From 100 up to 800 mm maximum, based on customer requirements 800 mm
Standard sizes - 76 μμ, 152 μμ, 200 μμ
Each roll is rapped by PP film and is placed on a wooden base with a total weight not exceeding 1000 kg.
By truck, load of 20 tones.

Film Quality Control

The Company POLEX is paying close attention to the quality control of its products. The following parameters are measured constantly:

Thickness tolerance Color and transparency
Preliminary tension, in accordance with DIN Straight film unwinding
Waviness Packaging