About the company - our mission

Our mission is to manufacture goods of the superior quality and of consumer value to satisfy needs of our customers to the best, using the most up-to-date equipment and state-of-the-art global technology, employing the most advanced worthy people and creating incentives and conditions for entire development of a personís abilities in our company. In their turn, Customers help us take key position in the market and increase profits which makes a basis for continuous growth of welfare of our company, employees and shareholders.

Our main goals

To meet and anticipate our Customersí demands.
To create management system which provides high-quality goods and services.
To be an absolute leader in quality and scope of business.
To increase business value and ensure continuous rise in the company profit.
To provide steady growth of interest of all employees to improve quality of work performance.

We are going to achieve our goals due to:

  1. Introduction of the quality management system on the enterprises in accordance with the requirements of international standards of ISO 9000-2000 and other active standards of product development and manufacture;
  2. Constant study of our Customersí demands and readiness to totally satisfy their requirements using all technical, engineering, administrative and creative abilities of the company;
  3. Leadership of the managers of all levels, empower the employees with authorities necessary for realization of responsibility;
  4. Set up such type of relationships when every employee, doing his part of work, consider the employee, doing the next stage of work as his consumer, and provide quality of performed work he expects;
  5. Strict observance and constant improvement of design and production technologies, timely and total control of product quality and materials to be used;
  6. Constant assessment and improvement of activity;LI>
  7. Business management and company resources management as a complex of relative processes.
  8. Aspiration to unite the process of product making and process which allow to match its conformity to customerís demands;
  9. Continuous improvement of quality system on basis of its constant analysis;
  10. Development of partnerís relations with our suppliers;
  11. Mismatch prevention on all stages of product life cycle.
Our philosophy

POLEX company Ė company of professionals

POLEX company involves only the most well-deserved people, as we consider people and their skills and knowledge to be the background of success of our company and its principal value. We rely on our own specialists, rewarding them upon results of their work.

POLEX company Ė company, which activity and development is determined by Customersí demands

The whole business of POLEX company is oriented to meet requirements of Customerís business. Offering up-to-date solutions in the field of packing materials, we help our Customers to increase profitability, efficiency and qualitative growth of their business by using new modern packaging and design of POLEX company. In our work with the Customer we are targeted to obtain joint positive result and we offer guaranteed quality: total satisfaction of needs or compensation of purchase price.

POLEX company Ė company in constant development and anxious for leader

We always feel natural dissatisfaction with the results already achieved and always try to improve level of our work and become a leader in our sphere. We make and supply packaging means and also develop solutions which bring our products to the leading position. We think that our company should steadily improve itself and our specialists should enhance mastership. We attach great importance to new advanced products for consumers. We strive to be the best in every sphere, presenting high importance for the Company.