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Polypropylene, abbreviation PP. Modern food industry almost can not exist without this kind of material. Due to total ecological safety and combination of unique properties this material more often finds its application in sphere of packaging materials, replacing out-of-date and ecologically dangerous materials.
Typical features of PP solidity, high heat resistance, ability to be recycled. Besides, PP has high barrier properties and high grease and acids resistance. According to current sanitary requirements to packaging of baby foods it is recommended to use only PP-based packaging materials.

Polystyrene, abbreviation PS. This material is especially widespread in food industry in West Europe and USA. PS package is used in cases when maximum capacity of packing equipment is to be reached and as a rule hot filling technique is not used. PS is not used for packaging of foodstuff with high fat content due to low grease-resistance features of the material.

Material Symbol Legend Ability to be used in microwave oven Grease-resistance Low temperature resistance Recovery method
Polypropylene (PP)
Homopolymer PPhomo + +++ - Recycling or incineration
Copolymer PPcopo + +++ ++
Polystyrene (PS)
General purpose PS GPPS - + + Recycling
High-impact HIPS - ++ +++
Oriented OPS - + +