About the company - Our history



Establishment of Polex Packaging and construction of the greenfield plant in Ural region in Ufa (the Republic of Bashkortostan)



Launching the first production plant equipped with modern European machinery for PP products manufacturing in Ufa, Russian traditional location of refineries and petrochemical industry plants



Acquisition of buildings and lease rights for the land in Protvino (Moscow region) and acquisition of all assets and agreements related to production and sale of plastic packaging of “Molochnyi Soyuz” (Milk Union), the leading plastic packaging company in Central European regions of Russia at that time



Starting production in Protvino plant




Construction of the second workshop in Ufa plant



Acquisition of packaging equipment from Ruplast, packaging producer active in Moscow region. Relocation of Ruplast equipment to Protvino plant. Simultaneous move of Milk Union’s equipment to Ufa plant



Integration of Ruplast equipment in Protvino plant. Launching operations in the second workshop in Ufa plant. Total annual production capacity reached over 720 million units



Start of rectangular containers production, being the first local manufacturer of such products




Start of production of cups with cardboard label for dairy products




Start of production of cups with shrink sleeve label for dairy products